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How to attract new guests to the restaurant by increasing sales

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Guests go to the restaurant not only for food. This is a place of relaxation, energy and inspiration. The atmosphere should invigorate, conducive to communication and a return visit to the institution at least. Consider the "internal" and "external" methods of organizing the work of the restaurant, contributing to its prosperity.

Delicious food is great. But first you have to lure guests to a restaurant in order to feed them. Suppose you have a good location, a working concept, a soulful interior and impeccable service, but some of the tables are still empty (vacant). What to do in this case?
How to attract new guests to the restaurant by increasing sales

Extension of the customer (guests) base "from the inside"

There are several proven ways to please customers:

— enter business lunches — sets of 4−5 inexpensive ready-made dishes;

— lower prices for popular products — desserts or a popular beer, for example;

— test discount programs for the regular visitors issued in a limited edition (so that the holder of such a card feels himself like a member of an exclusive club);

— impress your guests with creativity — give them the opportunity to try unusual combinations of ingredients, admire the chef's ingenuity and improvised shows, that accompany the presentation of some dishes.

"External" ways to attract the target audience

"External" ways to attract the target audience This category includes a nice restaurant exterior, promotional events, cooperation with event agencies, advertising campaigns in the mass media and on the Internet. A modern institution should have its own website with daily updates, the ability to get acquainted with the menu, online booking a table with one click, as well as pages on social networks. There is no need to invest all the money in advertising, appearing in the blogs of all famous people. It is enough to analyze several tools, relying on those that really lead people to the restaurant. One of these tools may be the sending of personal invitations (with a discount of 10−15%), which shouldn’t be turned into spam. It’s never too late to make a restaurant competitive. Stay within the concept or change it cardinally. Improve the ideas of successful restaurants, interpreting them in your own way. Creative and innovative approaches will help to make your institution recognizable and visited. Do not consider yourself obliged to arrange dances with tambourines for each guest, but be prepared to make the right impression on him. Create a place where visitors feel comfortable, easy, and confident. Some owners manage to achieve this even in a small "box" with empty walls and cheap tables, because sincere love for their work creates magic.

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