Restoplace features
Guest database

Digitize your guest database using the Restoplace reservation service

Analyze the data of the guest reservations. Sources of booking, average guest waiting time, average visit time, guest’s non-attendance rate, number of guest bookings

Guest Status

Database upload

Guest Rating

Each guest will get a status depending on the frequency of his visits to the cafe
Filter the guest database by their indicators: the number of reservations, the date of the last reservation request, etc
Download the guest database by pre-selecting the necessary statuses, for example, the unmotivated and lost guests

Guest status by number and frequency of visits

Guest booked a table for the first time
Guest arrives at least 1 time per month*
Guest comes 1 or more times a week*
Guest did not come more than 1 time per month*
Lost guests
Guest did not come for more than 2 months*
* you can configure the conditions for status assigning
New guests
Active guests
Regular guests
Unmotivated guests

Your target audience

Evaluate the performance of the guests for better understanding of your target audience, where the guests make reservations from, how often they come late, their average visit time

SMS notification about the reservation

Filter and download the guest database in Excel format according to the statuses for making a newsletter

Number of Reservations

Guest number of bookings in your cafe. Find out your most frequent guest

Booking Sources

The sources of reservations – booking sources of your guest

Guest Waiting Time

Average time of the guest missing / lateness

Visit time

Average time the guest spends in your establishment

Attendance statistics, blacklist, reservation request history

Application history

Reservations History

In the reservations history you can see all the guest's bookings: the source of his booking , which institution he visited, at what table he was seated...
Fraudsters in a restaurant

Black list of the guests

Add the guest number to the black list, after which this number will not be able to make reservations. Or configure the automatic blacklisting of the number