Restoplace features
Table booking widget

The booking widget integrates with a website, Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte

Guests can choose and book a free table without leaving the social network. The hostess will see a new reservation request immediately

Custom widget design

Photos of tables and the scheme of the hall

Work from any device

Design the Restoplace widget according to your preference. Customize the colors of the widget, the colors of the forms and the button "Book a table" for your website
Restoplace booking widget works on all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets
Upload photos of your tables and your hall scheme with the marked tables for convenient navigation of the guests
Hourly table reservations

Hourly reservation (booking)

You can set the booking step by time.

For example, a guest can choose a table for 1 hour, for 2 hours, and so on.

You can customize the time step
Deposit payment online

Online Deposit Payment

Give your guests the opportunity to pay with a debit card. Guest will receive a check after payment

More about deposits
Widget for Instagram

For your Instagram profile

You can set up a link on your Instagram profile with a proposal to reserve a table. Your widget for booking will open via click on the link. The guest will be able to reserve a table without leaving your Instagram
Widget for Vkontakte

For groups on Vkontakte and Facebook

Create your own social networking app. You can do it easy according to our instructions. The guest will be able to choose and book tables without leaving pages on Vkontakte or Facebook. We attach instructions for creating the application
Table reservations on the site

For your website

Install the Restoplace widget code on your website. The button "Book a table" will appear on the site. Your widget for booking tables will open after you click on the button. The guest will be able to see the availability of free and soon becoming available tables and book them
Table reservations on the site

Tables photos and the hall scheme of your institution

Create table cards and upload 2-3 photos so that guests choose tables from your photos.

You can also upload a picture scheme of the hall of your institution
Table reservation service

Free tables and tables, that should be free soon

Your guests will see in real time the free tables and the time, when the occupied tables become free
Booking of banquets

Banquet booking

Guests can send a request for a banquet, choosing the hall, time and number of seats via booking widget, but the coordination and confirmation of the hostesses via table reservation eBook is required for that
Playbill on your phone

Affiche / Promotions

Place your promotions and announce events. It will motivate your guests to book a table
Photos of the restaurant when booking

Photo gallery

Upload photos of the general plan of your café so that guests can better understand the atmosphere of the institution

Features for your guests:

Guests see the workload of the cafe in real time
Guests choose easy a free or vacant table for the desired time
Book a table yourself online
Send a request for booking a banquet
Book a table you like: on your website or on the favorite social network
Independent choice of the table by the photo they really like