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Deposits for booking tables: guests are full and the restaurateur is satisfied

How to apply the deposit wisely and make it comfortable and profitable for the restaurant and guests?

Advance payment for the services of a restaurant, cafe, club or a bar is called a deposit reservation. If a certain company plans to hold a corporate evening for employees in a particular institution, it is possible to negotiate the date and time of the event with the administrator, and then reserve a table in advance. Suppose that the deposit is 20,000 rubles. This means that the company staff can order food and drinks within the specified amount. A reliable option for those who want to meet the established budget anyway.
Deposits at the restaurant
Note! You can configure the acceptance of deposits for booking tables in the Restoplace program for restaurants and cafes
A deposit reservation is also beneficial for a restaurateur, who wants his guests to spend a considerable amount. He knows very well that some customers occupy tables and can spend several hours at a table with one teapot of tea. Others at this time cannot break into the institution, although they are ready to leave serious money in it. In order not to say "goodbye forever" to them, management introduces a required deposit. It is ideal when potential visitors are given the choice - to pay 5, 15 or 50 thousand for a table.

The difference between the deposit and the reservation?

The reservation / booking is a paid service that allows a guest to take a table. The reservation is not included in the order invoice / bill, but eliminates the worry that all tables will be occupied on the right day and time.

The difference between booking a table and a deposit is that in the first case you will have to pay not only for the table, but also for the kitchen services. A deposit implies the inclusion of both reservation and the main bill.

Advantages of the deposit system

  1. Convenient payment. The client buys services in advance for the amount that he intends to spend and no longer returns to this question.
  2. Advance order. You can study the menu in advance and stop at certain positions.
  3. Table reservation. Table booking is included in the cost of the deposit. This ensures the availability of a free table at the appointed time.
  4. Budget saving. No one is 100% protected from going beyond the amount due to unforeseen circumstances (for example, if someone from the guests company decides to order something over the specified program). But in the vast majority of cases deposit owners do not spend more than they planned.
  5. Returnable deposits. The optimal type of contribution, which provides for a refund if the visit to the restaurant is canceled.

The only significant drawback of a deposit reservation is the need for a personal meeting with the restaurant administrator to agree on the details and transfer money. But this problem is solved by special online services, by which guests can select a table, make a deposit and receive a check online.

How to return money for a deposit?

The refund policy is set by the institution. Deposits are divided into returnable and non-returnable. Their meanings indicate the difference between them. When purchasing a non-refundable deposit the guest must understand, that he will not receive his money back for any outcome. The terms of the transaction must be previously agreed.

Returnable deposit reservation gives you the opportunity to withdraw your money or transfer the order to another date. Of course, to perform these operations you need to provide a check, so this document should be retained.

For those, who prefer order

Deposit booking is an ideal solution for the owner of the institution. This is the confidence that the provided services will be paid. If visitors do not spend the whole amount, the balance will be added to the revenue. In addition, there are non-returnable deposits, which become the property of the owners, if the guests do not come to the cafe.

For a client who thinks through every detail, a deposit is a real gift. If you have an important date, it is enough to determine the invited guests and the amount of expenses, as well as examine the price list of the restaurant. To please everyone and keep within the budget under such conditions is a simple matter.
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